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ORtera's storage performance analysis software uses patented technologies to reveal the causes of storage I/O bottlenecks, meltdown conditions, constraints, and load imbalances no other application can reveal. ORtera shows you where the problem is with pinpoint accuracy, diagnoses the problem, and guides you in solving the problem in plain English. ORtera is also the only application that captures discrete, empirical I/O activity data at each layer of the storage subsystem, from application to HBA, analyzes its composition, and shows you how the I/O for each process is transformed by each layer. » See how.


Adrian Cockcroft (of Solaris Performance and Tuning fame) describes his real-world experience with ORtera. » Read his blog.

ORtera is the only application that shows you conditions leading to meltdowns, such as unbalanced workload and configurations close to saturation, way ahead of time. » Read more.

Let ORtera Heuristics guide you to planning an optimal storage configuration and fix performance bottlenecks. » Read more.

Make your storage configuration design acceptance (QA) test process better, quicker, cheaper and fun.
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Latest News

Processor Magazine profiles ORtera: "Born From Real Storage Pangs: A Look At Each Layer Of The Storage Stack." » Read the article.

Techworld says about ORtera Atlas: "It could be the best storage I/O analysis tool available."
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ORtera Atlas 1.1.12 is now available, with improvements based on user feedback.
» Read the release notes.

ORtera has received its first patent governing its storage management optimization technology.
» Read the press release.

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